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My New Years resolution this year is to write more updates on and I thought what better way to do this then to keep a developer diary as we work towards our HUGE 3.0 launch of the original AR Flashcards app.
I think a little intro would be best to start off this developer diary. My name is Heath Mitchell and I’m co-founder of Mitchlehan Media. I’m 35 years old and married with three kids. I’ve been working retail management for my entire adult life. I have an unhealthy obsession with Disney World. I love it. I think it’s the best place on this Earth. I’ve always been a kid at heart and there isn’t any place that encourages that more than Disney.
I started Mitchlehan Media with my best friend Dave Callahan. Mitchlehan is simply our last names combined except instead of Mitchelhan we decided to make it look French and make it Mitchléhan because we are silly!
AR Flashcards came about from Dave who had been playing with augmented reality at his work. He showed me the String Showcase app and I was blown away by the potential of it. We both thought that augmented reality would be a game changer in education.
We got together with Jesiey who designs all of our 3d objects and Denny who creates all the graphics and the wonderful flash cards and we put together version 1 of AR Flashcards within a couple months. It debut on the iOS App Store in Feb 2012 to very little fanfare. In another entry I will talk about the pitfalls of being an indie developer in the App Store. It’s rough!
Since 2012 AR Flashcards has come a long way! We completely overhauled the UI and put Dinosaurs in and launched version 2 this past Spring. This past summer is when the app started to take off. Through the magic of Twitter we have met a lot of amazing educators who have showed us how our app has been integrated in their classrooms and it has been extremely rewarding!!
In 2014 we are going to be really aggressive in expanding AR Flashcards. We have three subjects we are adding plus a ton of 3d content! We will hopefully be adding different “packs” for each subject so for example with the Alphabet you could choose between the current models or maybe a “pack” that is all sea animals or a “pack” that is all African animals and so forth!
We’ve previously announced the first subject that will be added will be Colors and Shapes. The other two subjects will be announced as we progress! We think we have a unique way to do this and we are going to do it in a circus theme that we are excited about!
This first entry has gotten longer than I though so I’m going to wrap it up! Stay tuned as I’m going to write a few entries a week!

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