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  • 1.AR Flashcards
  • Where do I get the flash cards?
    Mitchlehan Media27-07-2014

    You can print the flash cards for both Animal Alphabet and Space here.

  • How do I get the Space Cards to load? The Animal ones work fine.
    Mitchlehan Media27-07-2014

    Make sure that you have downloaded the AR Flashcards Space app to use with the Space cards.  These will only work with that app.  Animal alphabet will only work with AR Flashcards-Animal Alphabet.

  • The flash cards link isn't working. What do I do??
    Mitchlehan Media27-07-2014

    Our flash card pdf's are currently stored on our public Dropbox folder.  This is just easier for us, however some educational institutions and businesses block Dropbox.  Please try again from your personal computer.  If it is still an issue then drop us a line and we will send you the PDF!

  • I'm having trouble loading the models, what gives??
    Mitchlehan Media27-07-2014

    Make sure that you are in a well lit environment.  If you have laminated your cards then odds are that there is some glare that has been created that is interfering with the app's ability to read the card.  We recommend printing the cards on a heavy matte card stock.

    If you are having trouble focusing the camera, tap the screen and the camera will try to focus.

    Also, make sure that you are using the correct app for the correct cards.  Alphabet = AR Flashcards Animal Alphabet, Space= AR Flashcards Space.

  • There is no sound on the iPad! What do I do?
    Mitchlehan Media27-07-2014

    Here is what another user discovered when having the same issue:

    "I went on to an Apple forum looking for why one app would work and another wouldn't. It was the rotation/mute key position on the side of the iPad. Flipped it, opened the program and it worked. Can reflip the switch now if wanted and it should still work. Weird little glitch for Apple isn't it?"

  • Where can I find the dinosaur flash cards?
    Mitchlehan Media27-07-2014

    The dinosaur flash cards are at the end of the Animal Alphabet flash cards PDF.

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