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AR Flashcards 3.1.1 is now live for iOS. This update brings UI fixes and fixes to Ground Plane. We went back though and repositioned and adjusted the scale on all the animals in Ground Plane. We also redesigned the launch screen and membership screen. You can also try your first month FREE when you sign up for our membership service. Try it out, if you don’t like cancel anytime before your billing date. We hope you stick around and help us build the future! Check out our Roadmap!

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New Launch Screen
New Memberships screen.

Here is the change log for 3.1.1

– Redesigned the Launch Screen

– Redesigned the Memberships Screen

– Redesigned the Member Area Screen

– Bug Fixes that include:


– Added Loading Screen to Member Area

– Added Loading Screen to Lincoln

– Added Loading Screen to Lincoln Portals


– Fixed UI Overlap issues

– Gap between title bar and content on Alphabet and Shapes Screen

– Fixed loading screen on Shapes menu- Fixed AR Menu overlapping the titlebar when returning to the menu on Lincoln and AR Portals.


– Fixed an issue that caused those with a school login to be unable to access the Member Area.

– Fixed an issue on Ground Plane where the Frog was floating

– Fixed an issue on Ground Plane where the Newt was floating

– Reviewed and fixed some scaling and placement issues on all animals on Ground Plane.

– Fixed Title bar and loading screen for the memberships page.

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