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Mitchlehan Media, LLC is no more!  We have changed the name of our company to Peak Reality, LLC.  When we set out and founded Mitchlehan Media back in 2012 we thought it would be cool to combine my last name (Mitchell) with my other co-founder’s last name (Callahan) and put a French like spin on it.  Last year we attended ISTE in Denver, Colorado and while on the top of Mt. Evans we decided that a new company name that better reflects who we are was a good idea.  We landed on the name Peak Reality.  We love this name and think it rolls off the tongue a little easier than Mitchlehan Media.

What becomes of AR Flashcards?  Nothing will change.  AR Flashcards is our passion. Bringing education to life through the power of augmented reality and other immersive technologies is what we want to do today and forever.  To fuel our passion we are now working with other companies to help bring their visions to life.

What is on tap for the future?  We are currently working on AR Flashcards Subtraction and will be sending out test builds to educators to help us shape the vision. Sign up here if you are interested.  We are also working on new content for AR Flashcards Space as well as new content for our flagship app, AR Flashcards Animal Alphabet.

The future is bright for Peak Reality and AR Flashcards and we thank you for joining us on the journey!

Heath Mitchell


Peak Reality, LLC

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