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The new update for AR Flashcards is now available. This update brings with it a ton of changes. Firstly, the app has been rebuilt from the ground up with new UI and new tech.

Secondly, the AR Flashcards app is now the ONLY app that you need. All of our apps have been combined into one super app. No more confusion on what cards work with what. Simply choose your subject from the main menu and off you go.

Thirdly, everything that we have ever offered as free content is still free in this app. What we have changed is how to access the premium content. We have created a subscription service with the goal of building new things. We are a small team with little resources and we work on AR Flashcards as a side project but we could do so much if we can find supporters to help us build the future. We have created a Road Map of things we can accomplish if we can achieve certain member goals. Think of this less as a subscription service but more like a Patreon or Kickstarter. The big difference is you don’t have to create an account with one of those services. All you have to do is click on the plan that works for you and you use your Apple account for payment. No new signup needed.

This is a big change for us and it’s scary. We have always dreamed of creating more but despite our success in number of downloads (1.6 million) we have never been able to earn any kind of sustainable income. We were the first augmented reality flash card app back in 2012 but since then we have been surpassed by a lot of competitors and we just don’t have the bandwidth to keep up. We are hoping that there are people out there who love AR Flashcards and want to see it grow and will help support us by becoming a member so that we can build the future together.

Members get access to all the content, priority support and priority feedback. You can visit our Member Info page to see everything that is included with your membership but we aren’t going to stop there. We want your feedback, what else would provide a great value? What would you want to see added that would make you want to become a member?

We hope you’ll join us in this new chapter and thank you to everyone that has downloaded AR Flashcards.

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