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Persona Data Collection

– We use Flurry’s restricted analytics to track usage on our apps. Flurry’s restricted analytics are COPPA Compliant in that the information collected is in broad generalities. No personal data is collected. We only receive basic info such as how many users have opened the app and for how long.

– Flurry has been removed starting with 3.1

Ad Services

– Ads are served in AR Flashcards Space Lite and AR Flashcards Animal Alphabet.  These ads do not track behavior or location.  AR Flashcards Animal Alphabet 3.0 and higher do not have ads.

Location Data

– Location Data is collected using Flurry’s Restricted analytics. This means that general location info is seen. We can only see what countries users are from that open the app. Nothing more specific is collected.

– Flurry has been removed starting 3.1

External Web Access

– AR Flashcards Animal Alphabet version 2.3 and AR Flashcards Space do not allow external web access.  AR Flashcards version 3.0 allows for external web access but is protected by a parental gate.

AR Flashcards Shapes & Colors has access to the AppStore to view our other apps. Access to the AppStore is protected by a parental gate.

AR Flashcards Space Lite has access to the web but is protected by a parental gate.

In-App Purchase

AR Flashcards Space Lite, Animal Alphabet, Shapes/Colors Lite and Abraham Lincoln have in app purchases but are protected by a parental gate.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our privacy policy please don’t hesitate to email us at


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