Road Map

We need your support to build the future of AR Flashcards! We have always been slow to roll out new content because we are a small team and we work on AR Flashcards on the side. Help support our dreams by subscribing. With your help we can build all kinds of new content for the future. Once we hit a goal we will tell everyone and put a date on the content. Thank you for everything!!

25 members – Add Planets, and Shapes models to create and ground plane

50 members – New Lincoln Memorial Statue model!

75 members – Lincoln New Salem Portals!

100 Members – Add new animals for more accurate letter sounds for I, O and U. (Most requested). We won’t replace our current animals but add additional!

125 Members – Lincoln Springfield, IL Portals!

150 Members – Merge Cube integration!

200 Members – New Space Module that includes historic vehicles such as the space shuttle and the international Space Station.

250 Members – Add 26 new models for create and ground Plane- 1 new model for each letter. Example A- Apple, etc.

300 Members – New Subtraction Module!

500 Members – New Multiplication Module!

750 Members – Lincoln White House Models/ Portals

1000 Members – New Division Module

We have a lot more ideas if we cross the 1000 member threshold and we want to hear what you would like to see! Email us at