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$1,000 = 37 members, so if your district or school has more than 37 iPads then this is a great value. With your subscription you also get email support M-F 9am-5pm. We will prioritize your support requests and get back to you right away. If you are interested in getting an AR Flashcards subscription for your school or district then shoot us an email and we can get things started.


 AR Flashcards FreeAR Flashcards Members
26 Alphabet CardsYesYes
5 Dinosaur CardsYesYes
10 Planet CardsYesYes
26 Create a Flash card ModelsYesYes
1 Abraham Lincoln life sized modelYesYes
9 AR Portals for Lincoln's early life. (Virtual Field Trip)No (Free mode includes 4)Yes
2 Dwarf Planet CardsNoYes
6 Apollo 11 CardsNoYes
10 Shapes/Colors CardsNo (Free mode includes 5)Yes
100 Addition CardsNoYes
31 Ground Plane ModelsNoYes
Priority SupportNoYes
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