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This past Tuesday night co-founder, Heath Mitchell, announced that our next content pack for AR Flashcards will be Colors and Shapes! He made the announcement on the awesome educational podcast the 2 Guys Show! He had a blast talking to the guys about augmented reality, Twitter and the fact that Heath doesn’t have much time to listen to music anymore due to his three kids!

We have been deep into the design of colors and shapes and we decided it would be fun to go with a circus theme. Each shape will have our mascot, Augmonkey or Auggie for short, doing a circus act with one of the shapes. On the top of the screen there will be buttons for six colors (blue, red, green, yellow, orange and violet). When you tap the color not only will you hear the name of the color but you will also see the shape change color before your very eyes!! We wanted to find an interesting and fun way to teach colors and shapes to young kids with the power of augmented reality and we think we have done it!!
We will be adding colors and shapes to our original app AR Flashcards, but we haven’t decided on how it will be delivered (in-app purchase, back to paid app, etc..). Once we decide we will definitely be letting you know here and on Twitter. ┬áIf you want to help us test this and future AR Flashcards content then head over to our beta signup page here.


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