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Our newest app, Abraham Lincoln is here!  This is a free download for iOS that celebrates the life of Abraham Lincoln.  In this first release you will learn about and visit historical places that Lincoln lived in as a child.  There are 4 doorways that will take you to real places in Kentucky where he was born and for a $.99 in app purchase you can buy the next 5 doorways in Indiana where he spent much of his youth.  You will also get an animated Lincoln reciting the Gettysburg Address for free!

While this is still an AR Flashcards app you do not need to print anything!  The ground is the flash card!  You can set a full sized Lincoln on the floor and walk around him with your device.  You can tap the audio button and listen to the Gettysburg address!  You can also set doorways on the ground and walk through them and be transported to another place!  You can look around with your phone and see real historical places from Kentucky and Indiana.

You can also earn badges just by exploring the app!  There are 4 badges to earn today with more coming throughout the year!

We have a roadmap for adding new content throughout 2018.  In May we will release the New Salem and Springfield packs which cover the middle portion of his life and then in September we will add the Washington DC pack.   There will be some other little surprises in between along the way!


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