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AR Flashcards-Space is now here!  Beautifully rendered 3D planets appear magically on wonderfully designed flash cards to help your young one learn the Solar System!  AR Flashcards Space is a fun and engaging way to learn the planets and it’s available on iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets for only $.99!!  There are eleven fantastic flash cards that can be printed for free here.

In this edition of AR Flashcards we have an info button that pops up on the bottom for each planet.  Press the button to hear an interesting fact about each planet.  Our favorite card is the Solar System card.  With this you can view the entire solar system!  You can move in close to each planet and tap each model to hear the planet name!

We also have the screenshot button that users loved about the original AR Flashcards that will save photos right to the camera roll!  Check out the app today!  Here are some screenshots below!




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