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AR Flashcards Brings Education to life.

Alphabet, Shapes/Colors, Addition, Planets and Apollo 11 and Abraham Lincoln. Alphabet Module AR Flashcards contains 26 alphabet flash cards that engage young learners and teach them letter identification. Our Alphabet module contains 26 animal models that when you tap them on the screen will say the letter and animal name. AR Flashcards Alphabet was the first thing we created way back in 2012! This module is entirely free. Create Module In our create module, educators and young learners alike can create their own flash cards or drawings to augment with any of our 26 animals. In November we are adding all of our planets and shapes/colors to this module as well. This November update is brought to you by our members and you can see more of what we want to build in the future on our road map. The animals are free, planets and shapes/colors are part of our membership program. Ground Plane Module In our ground plane module, you can place life sized animals on the ground, walk around them in 360 and you can have students pose with them! In our November update we are adding letters, planets and shapes/colors to this module. The first 5 letters of the alphabet is free. The rest is part of our membership program. Space Module In our Space module, we teach the solar system with 12 cards that cover all 8 planets and 2 dwarf planets. Each planet has an audio fact and also text based facts. You can tap the planet as well to hear the name. 10 cards are free, Pluto and Ceres are part of our membership program. Apollo 11 Story In our space module we also have 6 flash cards that tell the story of Apollo 11. These cards are very interactive, you can control the lunar lander and you can dock the command module with the lunar lander! Each card has an audio fact and text based fact. The apollo 11 content is part of our membership program. You can read more about our membership program here. Shapes and Colors In our shapes and colors module, we have 10 fun cards with our mascot Auggie performing circus tricks with various different shapes. You can change each shapes color with a color bar at the top of the screen! Tap the monkey and hear the shape name. 5 cards are FREE, the other 5 are part…