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Hello everyone!!  We just wanted to put out a PSA about three of our older apps.  AR Flashcards Animal Alphabet, Space and Shapes/Colors have all been updated to ensure that they stay on the Apple Appstore.  These older apps were built with 32bit architecture and Apple will now only support apps built with 64bit architecture.  This means after iOS 11 is released that our apps may not work and would have been taken down from the store.  The good news is all of these apps have been updated and they all feature either new content or quality of life improvements!

Please help us share this info so that we can make everyone aware that NEED to update the app if they already have it!  Thanks!

Animal Alphabet-

Our flagship app now has 3D letters with each animal so that young learners never lose sight of the letter that are trying learn to identify!  The update also includes new lighting that make the models pop more!


This update includes new lighting too as well as a foundation for new content that we will be announcing soon!


This update includes new lighting and bug fixes.

We have several announcements coming soon about new content and new apps that will be making their way to the Appstore this fall!

Heath Mitchell


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