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Today we are celebrating passing 1 million downloads for AR Flashcards!!!  We are so excited to be celebrating this milestone and so thankful that so many educators out there have downloaded and used our apps in the classroom.  Every time we see a tweet or a video with kids actively engaged in learning with one of our apps it makes everything worth it.  In 2012 when we launched our first app, Animal Alphabet, we only saw 1k downloads that year.  Since then it has exploded to heights we never dreamed possible. Each year exceeds the previous in downloads and we have so much more planned for the future.

There is a major reason that we have seen that growth and it’s because of people like Drew Minock, Brad Waid, Leslie Fisher, Joe Marquez, Karen Balbier and so many other great people that have talked about our apps at conventions and in classrooms all over the world.  We can’t thank everyone enough for the great support over the last five years.

Thank you for sticking with us and of course thank you for downloading!!

Heath Mitchell


Check out some of the great photos of our apps in the classroom that we collected off Twitter.

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