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We have another announcement that we think is going to be exciting!  Not only are we working on Colors & Shapes, Basic Math and User Created Flash Cards BUT we are also working on Geography!!  We are working on States and this is probably our most ambitious project that we are working on!  With 50 models and cards to create this is going to be a great undertaking and we are in the planning stages right now!  It’s the project we will be putting our fullest attention on after we wrap on Colors & Shapes and Basic Math.  We just wanted to give you guys a small glimpse and we want to be transparent when it comes to our road map for future content!

With The States we know that we want to teach kids the States names and the capital city for each state.  We would also like to include state flags and facts pertaining to each state.  We hope to include major rivers, important monuments and more on each model.  We want to hear what you would like to see in this project as we value your input!

Our plans are to finish Colors & Shapes and Basic Math by Summer and hopefully States by the end of 2014!  Even with these awesome announcements we still aren’t done!  Stay tuned later in the week for one more announcement of yet another subject that we hope to bring AR Flashcards this year!

What do you think of our mascot Augmonkey in his explorer gear??

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